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We are living in the world of major concerns that threaten our daily lives.  Our main focus through this event is to raise awareness of the danger of radiation effect.  Please feel free to explore some links, and if you find some issues you think it needs an immediate attention, let’s talk about them at the “Let’s Talk” table at the Bon-Odori Dance Festival for Peace on August 3rd.



















1. Nuclear Weapons and Wars - Hiroshima and Nagasaki  

    核兵器と核戦争について - 広島 • 長崎 

Comprehensive of Nuclear Weapons and Wars:

Hiroshima 24 Hours After (41:47)

Hiroshima atomic bomb: Survivor recalls horrors - BBC News (3:04)

I've studied nuclear war for 35 years – you should be worried | Brian Toon | TEDxMileHigh  (14:58)


Atomic Bomb Aftermath Hiroshima and Nagasaki (36:25)


Little Boy & Fat Man - Atomic Brothers (8:00) 

(American documentary film, easy to understand nuclear heads/weapons)


Movie: Hiroshima - Showa 20 nen 8 Gatsu Muika,  広島 - 昭和20年8月6日, 2005 (2:16:04) 日本語  

- story of 4 children who were living in Hiroshima in 1945, no English Sub

Anime: Grave Of The FireFlies 火垂るの墓, 1988 (1:26:34) English Sub

2. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Catastrophe 


Understanding of Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima:


Fukushima Disaster, There's No Stopping It, Zolna Report  (4:58)


Dr. Stephen Hosea, The Perils Of Fukushima  (51:33)

Return to Fukushima with Miles O'Brien  (33:15)

Nuclear Power in the World Today

100 Good Reasons Against Nuclear Power    原発に反対する100の理由 

There are many other ways to reduce carbon dioxide, but there are no other ways to fix the destroyed DNA structure. It will get worse generations by generations.  It will take only a few more generations for human being to lose our accurate productivity and start producing mutant as long as we depend on the power of Nuclear energy and Nuclear weapons.  We will be counted as one of the extinguished species soon before the end of this century.  Sounds like a science fiction?  No, it's real. 100 TONS of polluted water is still leaking from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant EVERY DAY.  AND Do not forget that Fukushima is not the only one that is releasing tons of polluted water to the oceans and ground. 

If you see any theme you are interested in learning, please click on this link for PDF    English   日本語   

Nuclear Fuel & Uranium Mining # 1–11  

Exposure Limits & Damage to Health # 12–19 & 102    

Accident & Disaster Risks # 20–41 & 103-107   

Nuclear Waste & Disposal # 42–65 & 108-113   

Climate & Elecricity # 66–71 & 114    

Power & Profit # 72–79     

Freedom & Democracy # 80–87 & 115    

War & Peace # 88–93 & 116    

Energy Transition & Future # 94–100    

3. Radioactive Waste and Disasters 放射線廃棄物と災害

88,000 tons of radioactive waste – and nowhere to put it (7:38)

A nuclear waste dump for eternity (8:27)

Long-Running Yucca Mountain Debate Still Center of Nuclear Waste Fight

Nevada Test Site Downwinders:

Three Mile Island - 35 years later

Children of Chernobyl - History Channel Documentaries (51:14)

Union of Concerned Scientists - Nuclear Reprocessing: Dangerous, Dirty, and Expensive


INDIAN POINT - Clip from the Feature Documentary (3:55)

Dangers and Effects of Nuclear Waste Disposal

A meeting of a Hiroshima bombing survivor, Tomiko Morimoto West and a dermatologist Dr. Marie Louise  Johnson who worked at ABCC (Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission) for 6 years for the research for the skin damage

2018 Bon-odori Dance Festival for Peace

4. Dangers and Effects on Humans 


What happens when your DNA is damaged? - Monica Menesini (4:58)

What does radiation from a nuclear disaster actually do to our bodies?


Acute radiation syndrome




フクシマの真実と内部被曝-03/29/2012 小野俊一 (1:28:59)

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