What is the 
Bon-Odori New Paltz Dance Festival?

Tradition, Fun and Community Awareness

The Bon-Odori New Paltz Dance Festival is the only one of it's kind in the Hudson Valley and upstate New York. The traditional Japanese Buddhist Bon-Odori Festival is held in August to observe ‘Obon’, the ritual of remembering our ancestors and reconnecting with family and friends. In New Paltz we have expanded on this exciting summer event to celebrate peaceful energy, community, culture and the spirit of green living! 

Year after year we have a great selection of world class dance & musical performances, Taiko drumming, martial arts demonstrations, Japanese cultural presentations, food vendors, arts & crafts demonstrations and sales, family fun, raffle and exhibitions to step toward green living and nuclear-free thinking. 

We are proud to take the opportunity at the Festival to promote the cause of reducing the use of nuclear power. Over the years, the world has faced the horrors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl and most recently the continuing nightmare of Fukushima. In the U.S., the 3 Mile Island mess was a wake-up call, but the public quickly forgets the bottom line. Nuclear power plants are incredibly expensive to build, regularly emit low level radiation, have unworkable evacuation plans, and have no viable solution for storing spent fuel rods. 

Living in the shadow of Indian Point makes it hard to ignore the potential for catastrophe. After Chernobyl and Fukushima it could be argued that it is particularly bad when a structure that suffers damage from some unforeseen natural or man-made disaster is a nuclear power plant. It’s time to Rethink Energy for Greener Solutions.

So as we look forward to this year's festival, we ask that you help us make it a success. See the How Can I Participate?webpage for details. To find the latest information about the festival see our Schedule or Blog webpages. Also take a moment to view some photos from past festivals.

We are grateful for the support we have enjoyed from the community, our past sponsors, past donors and volunteers. 

For anything you do to connect with us we say aligato gozaimasu, which means 'Thank you very much!

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